Welcome to Tustin California Where In the “New Economy” No One will Actually have a Legitimate Business or a Job

In the New Economy No One will Actually have a Legitimate Business or a Job – Everybody will Just be Magically Rich – Scamming and Defrauding Each Other with Tech – Startup – Real Estate and Financial Hocus Pocus.

Defying All Known Economic Fundamentals and Standards – Chasing After the Same Dwindling Supply of Real Money.

Driving Range Rovers – Bentleys and BMWs – Wearing Rolex Watches – Living in Ten Thousand Dollar a Month Apartments – Condos and Houses.

Dining Lavishly – Going to Disneyland and Ducks Games – Living the Legacy Good Life – “All on Lines of Credit” and Somehow Magically Paying Taxes Too.

While City Hall – Congress – Public Employees and Developers – Feed Each Other Grapes and Drink Up – Licking – Sucking and Masturbating Each Other – Always Using “Your” Money.

Sexting KidsDriving Drunk or Stoned and Crashing Into TreesMolesting Police Explorers – in a Continuous Corporate and Municipal Corruption and Credit Orgy – Group Fuck – and Circle Jerk.

The New Economy is that – There is No Economy.

The City of Tustin California is on track to “Shadow Borrow” Toxic Debt – upwards of a Half A Billion Dollars Maybe More – and Sink it Into “The Tustin Legacy” – a desperate move to Develop the Toxic Rock – Formerly Known as Marine Corps Air Station Tustin California – an Endeavor to Secure and Pad City Employee Paychecks and Pensions and – Fatten the Wallets of Political Pals Cronies and Developers –  Through New and Increased Tax Revenues and Lucrative Construction Contracts.  Sound Familiar?

Real Toxic Rock Stories

“I was raised in Tustin Meadows from 1968 until finally leaving for good in 1994 when I married. Our family owned the property until my mother’s death in 2009 of bladder cancer, when I sold the property. I lost not only my mother, but my father to cancer as well. He passed from lung cancer, but had colon cancer years before his 1999 passing. I also know of other families who have lost their battles with cancer or are fighting their battles at this time. Both of my sisters and I have had to have complete hysterectomies due to abnormal cells that were most likely on their way to turning into cervical cancer for each of us. We were all in our late 30’s to mid 40’s when we each had our surgeries. Could all of this be due to all of the problems found with not only the Tustin base, but the El Toro Base as well?” –

Thanks, I currently live in the new homes by Tustin fields. I was just tested for heavy metals and was found to have Arsenic and Lead, Mercury and 2 others whose name I can’t remember. I have a baby and this is caused to move out asap! How sad and gets me and how the city of Irvine know and they are just money hungry and don’t care about the residents!

Water Board Finds Marines Negligent in Tustin Base Spill May 11, 1985


Orange County may be in real trouble – contamination cases keep showing up


Marine Corps Doing About-Face on Waste From El Toro – Tustin


With Shopper Traffic to Shopping Malls Down by about Fifty Percent and Home Ownership Out-of-Reach for the Typical Ten Dollar an Hour Wage Earner – it’s a Bad Time to be Building Houses and Developing or Owning Shopping Malls – or Expecting Revenues and Sales.

Within 15 to 20 years, retail consultant Howard Davidowitz expects as many as half of America’s shopping malls to fail.


Why home builders could be in trouble.

Why the missing households? To a large degree, they can be explained by young people choosing — or being forced by circumstance — to remain at home longer than they have in previous generations. Even young people who have jobs are more often living with their parents: Among employed 25-to-34-year-olds, the rate has risen to 25 percent in 2013 from 22 percent in 2007.


Big jump in number of millennials living with parents reported.


Consumers are padding their checking accounts.


11 Reasons Why I Never Want To Own A House Again.


Just Pick an Article or Category from the Column on the Right and find out about how many different and creative ways the overtime milking Cops – Firefighters –  City Employees Politicians – along with Greedy Developers – Contractors and Loan Sharks – can pick-your-pocket. 

They’re Smokin’ Vapin’ Drinkin’ Huffin’ and Sleepin’ – Library – Civic Center – and Tustin Area Businesses Overrun by Homeless Encampments – Alcoholics – Vapeheads – Meatheads – Potheads – Tweakers – Huffers – Third Strikers – Losers – Just Like Some of Your Friends!

Today’s’ Illegal Parker LoserBad for BusinessBad for SafetyBad Neighbor is – Reliant FoodServiceThe White Car is Unsuspectingly on his Way to a Head On Collision because He was Forced Into the Wrong Traffic Lane by the Reliant FoodService Loser. 11-15-2016

In a way It’s kind of Funny – but – all of these so called “Pillars of our Community” – Public Servants – Officials – Politicians – Cops – Public Safety Officers – Educators – Security Personnel and yes – (1) Mr. Kiddie too – who for years – have convinced you that they’re here to keep you and your Family – Safe – Secure – Comfortable – and Healthy –  have instead turned out to be some of the biggest Thieves – Robbers – Liars – Cheaters – Fraudsters – Molesters – and Pick Pockets that there ever was – anywhere.

Hence the Term – “I’m Feeling Safer Already”!

Enormous Sums of Money are being Borrowed at City Hall – all without Taxpayer approval – all without any Professional Oversight – all without any Solid Business Principles or Controls and all without any Consideration of Long Term Financial Burden or Disaster for Taxpayers.

It’s your Money and it’s your Debt – if you’re not sure about what to do – write a letter to the California Attorney General – and express your concerns about the “Shadow Banking ” – Unscrupulous and Possibly Illegal Borrowing.

(1) Mr. Kiddie lives across the street a couple of houses down from us  – he sure seems to have plenty of money for a convicted Felon – always working on upgrades to the house and buying new cars and trucks – you don’t think maybe he buried some of the Stolen Cash from the Boys and Girls Club in a hole in his Backyard and the Stupid Tustin Cops just don’t know about it yet do ya – LOL – anyway – we’re just delighted that this loser lives in our neighborhood – wouldn’t you be.

Let’s Close City Hall!

The state legislature retains significant power over municipal organizations. As the California Supreme Court put it, “In our federal system the states are sovereign but cities and counties are not; in California as elsewhere they are “mere creatures of the state” and exist only at the state’s sufferance.”

Municipal Disincorporation in California
By John H. Knox & Chris Hutchison


New Inside!

Shots Fired – SWAT Teams – Helicopters Landing – Police Dogs – Armored Vehicles – School Lockdowns – Road Closures – TV News – Overtime – and One Boy Burglar.



Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) pointed to Ferguson, denouncing what Holder referred to this week as “unnecessarily extreme displays of force” by police.

The image of Ferguson, Mo., police officers in camouflage pointing high-caliber rifles from armored vehicles at unarmed protesters has crystallized a debate over whether a decades-long flow of military-grade equipment to the nation’s police departments has gone too far.

On both left and right, political figures as varied as Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) pointed to Ferguson, denouncing what Holder referred to this week as “unnecessarily extreme displays of force” by police.

That debate fits into a larger pattern: A huge upsurge of mayhem in the 1970s and 1980s led to tough-on-crime measures across the country. Now, after two decades of improvements in most places, policies such as long, mandatory prison sentences and expansions of police surveillance are being questioned.

The use of military-style equipment by even small-town police departments is the latest tactic to come under scrutiny.