This Summer 2017 Marks the Ten Year Anniversary of the Opening of the District at Tustin Legacy

Editorial –

Tustin Police Officers Wielding Clubs – Collecting Overtime and Security Guards – Fully Outnumbered Visitors to the Shopping Mall!

I remember – I think I was sitting with Anthony Near Peet’s Coffee – there were Secret Service Style Security Guards in Plain Clothes with Radio Earpieces and Sleeve Microphones – I said Holy Shit – Is Madonna Coming Here Tonight – Turns Out it was a Local Boy Band – and There Were In All about 25 Visitors to the Mall – Total – Can You Say Flop.

The Local Media has Lambasted the Shopping Center as Being Everything from Quirky to Reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984.

Consumers Using and Other Social Media by Consensus have Labeled the Center Based Upon It’s Bizarre Traffic and Parking Layout – as – Unbearable.

Store and Restaurant Failures by the Dozen Started Almost Immediately and Have Never Stopped. –

Cover Photo – August 18 2007 Tustin Police Officers on Overtime at The District at Tustin Legacy Mall Grand Opening – Welcome
Inspiration – Rodney King Beating – March 3 1991

“King suffered numerous injuries during the attack, he was hit with batons between 53 and 56 times, the bones holding his eye in its socket were broken and King suffered 11 broken bones at the base of his skull”

Rules of Conduct

Traffic Control – Remember This Guy – Reno – Everybody Kind of Liked Him

Endless Bad-Mannered – Armored Car Employees – A Threat to Public Safety – Parking Anywhere They Please – and Yes – This Idiot Actually has His Gun Drawn – You Didn’t Imagine That

Overzealous – even to the Point of Implying Police Authority – Security Guards