Hello – Tustin Police Department – Can You Hold Please

Sgt. Jeff Blair – Patrol Supervisor – Tustin, California Police Department

Dear Jeff,

Just a note for you and the City Council.

Why is it whenever somebody calls your Police Department – it’s an Automatic “Tustin Police Department – Can You Hold”?

Today I called to report not one – but two Great Big Yellow “School Buses” parked in a “Fire Lane” at the Disctrict at Tustin Legacy Shopping Mall – right in front of the Whole Foods store – blocking all traffic in that direction – and No – I can’t hold – thank you.

I’m writing to remind you and the Police Department Management that – you’re not taking reservations for Tennis Courts or Tee Times at some Country Club somewhere – you’re supposed to be running a Police Department – as in Public Safety.

This means – that when the Phone Rings you are to be appropriately staffed with warm bodies – who are there to”Answer” the Call – and not Put it on hold.

Police Departments these days are much like our Schools – “A Money Black Hole” – where no matter how much money the sucker Taxpayer gives you – it still ain’t ever enough.

Look out – because us Stupid Taxpayers are wising up – finally – and learning what the term Outsourcing and Privatizing means.

As far as the school bus drivers from today – parking in a Red No Parking Fire Lane – ask yourself if you’d want one of “your” kids riding on a Bus with one of them – driving.

As far as the District shopping center goes – eventually they’ll figure out – probably when they’re in Bankruptcy – that allowing Delivery Trucks – FedEx – Armored Cars – and Buses to block traffic in an already F-cked-up Traffic Flow Design – Annoying and Driving Away what few Shoppers and Tenants they have left – wasn’t a Real Great Idea.

I’m copying the Orange County Sheriff and the Irvine Police Department – because they seem to have the same phone staffing problems you have.

Just an FYI!

Best regards,

– Dave