The Sign Says “Cone Zone” – But – Maybe What It Really Should Say is “Gold Zone” – Who’s Getting All That Gold

Editorial –

The Sign Says “Cone Zone” – But – Maybe What It Really Should Say is “Gold Zone” – Because Just About Every Week These Same Contractors Are Working the Same “Little Hole” in the Ground – or if Like Me – You Prefer to Call It – the Same “Gold Mine”!

And All the Time this is Going On – Business and Commerce is Disrupted – Shops and Businesses Lose Money – Shoppers are Frustrated and Go Somewhere Else – Traffic Comes to a Halt – Even Public Transportation and Traffic Safety is Compromised as Well.

Also – some have speculated that this activity – is to suck out Toxic Sludge from the former Military Base MCAS Tustin “The Toxic Rock” – which has apparently flowed uphill all the way to this location and is flooding the infrastructure – although this has not been verified.

There are Cones and Barricades on Newport Avenue Northbound from First Street to Old Irvine Blvd. – Almost as Far as the Eye Can See!

It’s Not the “Cone Zone” It’s the “Gold Zone”! –

The maintenance activity in question is groundwater monitoring and sampling, being performed by contractors working for the U.S. Dept. of the Navy. There was a leak in the jet fuel line at the intersection of Newport Avenue and Old Irvine Blvd. back in 1990. Remediation and monitoring efforts by the Dept. of the Navy have been ongoing since that time.

Jeff Blair – Tustin California Police Department