DeMaio called the tax a fraud – “The fraud is known,” DeMaio said – “They know we’ve been paying the second highest gas tax for years, and yet we have never gotten the road repairs.”

Editorial –

Finally – Someone is Sayin’ what I’ve been Sayin’ for 20 Years – We Paid All the Fucking Gas Taxes – DVM Fees – Special Assessments – and Never Got Any  Road Repairs – So Fuck Off.

Instead We Got a Bunch of  Fat Fucking Overpaid Cops – Firefighters – Teachers and Public Employees – Who Think they’re Gonna Live Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous on their Fat – Bloated and Spiked Pensions – Double Dippin’ Until They Drop Dead.

It’s All Bankrupt – My Friends – and You’re Gonna Get a Really Short Pension Haircut.

This is their Hail Mary’: California GOP bets on gas tax repeal


07/05/2018 06:55 AM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO — California Republicans are banking on a ballot measure this fall that the embattled state party believes can stave off a Democratic wave in November — and perhaps even spark a GOP revival in the run-up to 2020.

Carl DeMaio, a former San Diego city council member, announced this week he’s raised more than $1.1 million online for his campaign to repeal the 12-cent-a-gallon gas tax backed by Gov. Jerry Brown — and polls suggest it may be heading for a November victory.

DeMaio, now a San Diego radio talk-show host, insists he’s seized on a “kitchen table” issue that has energized voters across the spectrum. California is home to the highest average gas prices in the nation, according to a recent study.

The repeal effort — known as Proposition 6 on the November ballot — has also attracted backing from state and national Republican leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. They are counting on it to energize enough voters to save a handful of endangered California GOP House members — which could prevent the House from flipping Democratic.

To date, DeMaio’s “Reform California” super PAC — which backs the California Gas Tax Repeal ballot measure — has scooped up checks from more than 25,000 grass-roots donors, with an average contribution of $37, according to the latest fundraising numbers, released Monday.

Republicans insist Reform California — which helped gather 1 million signatures to put the repeal measure on the November ballot — has seized on a uniquely “unifying issue.” That has helped it amass “the biggest grass-roots donor database” of any GOP effort in California, with over 380,000 subscribers, says GOP consultant Dave McCulloch, who is advising DeMaio’s digital fundraising effort.

“My hope is that the gas tax repeal will provide a template on how the GOP can be relevant again in California,’’ DeMaio told POLITICO, alluding to the withered Republican Party’s slide to third-party status in the state. “It’s a deep-blue state, and it’s going to be a long journey back to any sort of power. But the first milestone is making yourself relevant — and putting up ballot measure that cost the Democrats support. And it’s been a long time since the GOP has tapped that.”

Steve Maviglio, a Democratic consultant who has been involved in legislative efforts to preserve the gas tax, insists there’s “no evidence that the gas tax repeal is doing anything to rebuild the GOP.”

“Registration is down, coffers are nearly empty, and there’s no surge in volunteers,’’ Maviglio said this week.

Roger Dickinson, a former Democratic assemblyman who’s now executive director of a pro-gas-tax outfit called Transportation California, says the state GOP’s campaign — while wrapped in the gas tax protest — is really a front for the national party’s bigger political goal.

“It hasn’t been disguised that their interest is trying to get people to the polls in November to protect their vulnerable members of Congress,’’ said Dickinson, referring to seven California GOP House members who represent districts won by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“We’ve known this was a partisan effort from the beginning,” Dickinson said, predicting that is “why they’ll lose it in the end.”

Brown himself recently tweeted that “this flawed and dangerous measure pushed by Trump’s Washington allies jeopardizes the safety of millions of Californians by stopping local communities from fixing their crumbling roads and bridges. Just say no.”

GOP gubernatorial candidate John Cox, a wealthy businessman who has run unsuccessfully for office a half-dozen times in Illinois — and who remains largely unknown to many state voters — has made the gas tax repeal a linchpin of his campaign to defeat Democrat Gavin Newsom and succeed Brown as the state’s next chief executive.

Brown last year led the charge for the gas tax hike, which would raise $5.4 billion a year to pay for infrastructure repairs and expansion to the state’s roads, bridges and transportation systems — popular items in a state where urban areas are increasingly hobbled by round-the-clock gridlock. But polls also show that paying for the items with a tax is unpopular with the public.

“The gas tax repeal definitely looks like a winner for the GOP,’’ says Southern California-based Republican consultant Matt Cunningham. “On one hand, you hear Democrats bragging that the state is in great shape and that we have a budget surplus, but at the same time they’re saying we need to raise your taxes,’’ he argues. “So, OK, you’ve got all this money — and you need more?”

With a 20-year gap since Californians saw their last tax cut, Hoover Institution fellow Bill Whalen, who has advised former GOP Gov. Pete Wilson, says the GOP leaders are hoping there’s “a sweet spot in the middle of California’s politics to push the tax issue.”

But Whalen also cautions that despite the potency of a tax repeal, Republicans will have to first get past Brown — who is not only driven to preserve a legacy as he leaves office, but “has the luxury of $15 million” in a campaign war chest to invest in one of his key legislative wins.

California Democratic Party chair Eric Bauman insists that DeMaio’s super PAC fundraising take isn’t nearly enough to push the measure to success in a state in which Democrats outnumber Republican voters by 15 percentage points.

“They might have had a million and a half dollars — I’ve got more than $10 million in the bank right now and I haven’t started fundraising for the fall yet,” Bauman said. “This is their Hail Mary, to try to use this repeal of the road-repair measure to light a fire under their voters … but here’s the reality: They don’t have any voters.”

DeMaio says Democrats didn’t take the prospect of his gas-tax repeal measure seriously enough, and now they’re scrambling on how to respond. “They can say whatever the hell they want — but the gas tax repeal is a persuadable issue,’’ he said. “Even Democratic voters want to see it gone.”

His long-term goal for the state GOP, he said, will be to build on this measure.

“If you want to be a true opposition party, you have to mount a true opposition, and up to this point, Republicans have not been able to do that,” he said. “My hope is that that infrastructure will then be utilized to go after something else.”

In addition to a road-repair ballot measure for a future ballot, DeMaio says he’s already looking ahead and planning to use his growing database to reach voters and get a measure on the 2020 ballot that could incite powerful labor unions into a pricey megabattle — an effort to rein in what he calls bloated government pensions.

“That’s going to be a big fight in the wake of the Janus decision” from the Supreme Court, he says, referring to the recent decision denying labor unions the ability to collect “fair share” dues from members and use them for political purposes.

DeMaio says that if the gas tax measure has proved one thing, it’s that California Republicans can learn from Democrats’ admittedly effective use of social media, voter databases and one-on-one outreach to get out their message.

“My message for California state elected officials and the GOP leader is: If you lead, people will follow,’’ DeMaio said. “But you need to lead.”

Sadly – The 34th Annual – “I just wanted to Get the Fuck Out of Tustin” – Chili Cook-Off Hybrid Gay Pride Parade – World’s Largest Alcoholics Anonymous Recruitment – Jesus Loves You Revival and Uber Taxpayer Cluster-Fuck – “I will not be attending ever again.” – will be held on Sunday June 3 2018 – Like It or Not

Tustin, California –

Editorial –

Essentially this is Businesses – Jesus Freaks and City Hall – Helping Each Other Make Sure that No One Ever Comes Back to Tustin California for – Anything – Ever.

Many Businesses along the Street Fair Route at the Chili Cook-off are Locking their Doors and Hanging a Closed Sign – because they’re tired of the Drunks and other Losers wandering around – coming in and wanting to use their Restroom and Trashing the Sidewalks with Litter and Human Excrement.

You won’t need to worry about any DUI checkpoints though – becasue the Fat Tustin Cops and other City Employees that aren’t working on Overtime and Pension Spiking – will be Drinking – and they don’t want to have to Arrest themselves or otherwise get caught.

“Fullerton city manager Joe Felz – smelled of booze – lost control of his car – taking a sidewalk – crashing into a small tree – before skidding back on the street”

The only ones who benefit from this event are City of Tustin Employees who are getting paid and on overtime – and spiking their pensions – for doing everything involved in this fiasco – set-up – traffic control – policing – clean-up and tear down when it’s all over.

Taxpayers are the Biggest Losers on this Deal.

If you own a business on the route “Close” and take the day off – if you’re planning on attending – Don’t.

Der Wienerschnitzel always has the best Chili in Town and they’re Open Every Day. –

 From Yelp

“I have been to this event a few times over the last 10-15 years, most recently being on Sunday June 7, 2015.

I am all about street fairs, day drinking, and eating good food. We got there at about 11am and lucked out with parking in the center nearby for free. Walked in, and had friends that were at Black Marlin, so I went to locate them…that place was packed. And it became a hangout later in the day as well. Just go there and ignore the dumb cook-off.

Got in line for tickets…WHAT A HASSLE!!! They are cash only, which is not posted. So, I got to wait in that line twice. The differentiate between the beer tickets and the chili tickets, so you have to plan in advance an decide how you want to divvy your tickets up. Which ends up with exactly what they want…you buy tickets that you end up not using. And then there’s places that serve food with more substance, that don’t take tickets, only cash. WTF. SO DAMN ANNOYING.

I had 2 thimbles of chili. And it was not exciting. Tons of places were OUT OF CHILI at 12pm? Is that not the whole goddam point of this event? And, the beer table was out of service too, so I wandered around looking for another one most of the time, whilst having beer and chili spilled on me from people who managed to get chili before it ran out, and beer before the tap malfunction.

I tried to sell my tickets to people in line before I left so I could recoup some of my money. People thought I was trying to run some sort of scam. LOL. I just wanted to Get the Fuck Out of Tustin!!! and get back some of the $40 I wasted on tickets.

I left after 2 hours, and I wanted to leave after 30 minutes. I wasted my money. It was not fun.

In the past it was not such a cluster-fuck.

I only went because I was in town to visit my sister and it happened to coincide with a friends birthday and she was planning to be at the Chili Cook Off, so I went. It is not at all worth the drive from San Diego. I don’t think it was worth the drive from Costa Mesa, to be honest.

I will not be attending ever again.”

“There were a lot of police walking the fair” –  [Editors Note] – Police on Overtime Pay and Pension Spiking (Caution Taxpayer Cluster-Fuck Here) – Dave

“The vast majority of the offerings were simply based on #10 cans of Hormel, Stag, or U.S. Foods chili with some minimal additives presumably there to “customize” the recipe”

“What a cluster-fuck”

“Alcohol wristbands $2”

“But WTF, NONE of the chili’s I tried were that great.  In fact, some of them were just bad.  Very disappointing! ”

“And, the most disturbing part was that somewhere, someone or some booth was handing children balloons with a large JESUS LOVES YOU screen printed on them.”

The newly elected Irvine City Council wasted no time trying to tackle what many residents consider the most pressing issue the community is facing – traffic congestion.

Editorial –

Irvine Residents Need to Hire a Class Action Law Firm – Sue City Hall – the Developers and Individual Council-members – Seek Damages over Approved Runaway Development and Greed – Resulting in Traffic Gridlock – You’ve Got to Play Hardball with these Crooks and Dig Into the Personal Finances of Council Members – and You’ll find that they’re All in Debt Up to Their Asses and Will Expect Secret Money Payoffs for Voting to Approve Development and Construction –

Irvine, California –

Irvine wants to reinstate Transportation Commission, hire traffic czar to fight congestion

IRVINE – The newly elected City Council wasted no time trying to tackle what many residents consider the most pressing issue the community is facing – traffic congestion.

The council on Tuesday directed staff to prepare reinstating the Transportation Commission and start recruiting a transportation manager. The council approved these proposals by Mayor Don Wagner 4-0, with Councilman Jeff Lalloway absent.

“I’m certain it’s no surprise to anyone on this council or any citizen of this great city that traffic is an issue that we are grappling with as a community,” said Wagner, who was elected in November. “I wanted to make sure that I have the opportunity to say to all of you in this city, ‘We hear you and are very interested in doing everything we can to alleviate traffic and to grapple with that issue.’”

The Transportation Commission will be tasked with evaluating the traffic impact of development proposals, monitoring the progress of traffic improvement projects, reviewing traffic signal coordination and advising the Planning Commission and City Council, according to Wagner’s proposal. Staff must return in February with necessary resolutions or ordinances to form the commission.

The transportation manager will oversee all aspects of transportation matters such as traffic management and transit planning, while serving as the staff liaison to the proposed Transportation Commission. The city plans to pay for the new person with a vacant position that’s already budgeted.

The council also directed City Manager Sean Joyce to calculate costs for the following projects:

• A pilot project to install real-time signal timing adjustments along a selected corridor, such as Von Karman Avenue. The technology detects traffic volumes to give just the right amount of green signal time.

• Providing circulating shuttles throughout the center of the city.

• Promoting staggered business hours, non-peak delivery periods and ride-sharing in the business community.

In addition, Councilwoman Melissa Fox proposed that Irvine apply for transportation grants and funds.

The city has already committed to spending $116 million toward solving traffic congestion.

According to a survey conducted by the city, about 60 percent of the respondents said traffic congestion is a “daily annoyance” or a “big problem.” More than half of the survey respondents blamed increasing population as the No. 1 cause of Irvine’s traffic congestion. Irvine also draws commuters and those who drive here for shopping and dining.

Mayor Pro Tem Lynn Schott said Irvine’s traffic and population are near capacity.

“We are going to do our best to improve the situation to keep things flowing as smoothly as we can,” she said. “But I don’t think it’d be realistic for us to say we are going to be able to spend X amount of dollars and everyone is going to be able to just sail through every intersection at any time of the day that they like.”

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