The 45 – Forty Five Million Dollar – Road to Nowhere – Some Tustin Legacy

Editorial –

If you’re wondering why you never see these Dilapidated Blimp Hangers on any City of Tustin Website or Developer’s Brochure – promoting the Redevelopment at Tustin Legacy – well – it’s because they’re Ugly and Like the Elephant in the Living Room – No One Wants to Talk About Them – Because they Want Them Gone.

Trouble is – it would cost Millions and Millions of Dollars to Demolish them and Haul Away the Toxic Rubble No One Wants Any Part of it.

So – There They Are – But Never Shown on Any Brochure or Website – Because – No One Would Want to Buy a Home or Run a Business Next to Them – or – on Top of Their “Toxic Footprint”.

Or – be Reminded of the Fact that They Already Have!

Raise Your Hand – if You Want to Live or Work On Top of a Toxic Waste Dump! –